Running Successful Plastic Surgeon Marketing Campaigns In 2020

When it comes to running successful plastic surgeon marketing campaigns in 2020, multiple approaches are necessary in order to see the best results. In this short post, we’ll highlight some of the most effective strategies you can use to attract more clients to your clinic.

Influencer Marketing

Online influencer marketing is arguably one of the most effective ways plastic surgeons can advertise their services to a large target audience. For example, many clinics get lots of referrals from Instagram models and YouTubers who talk about the clinic’s services on all their social media accounts. Other surgeons get new patients by appearing on popular YouTube podcasting channels and answering cosmetic surgery questions from the host’s audience.

E-Mail Marketing

Yes, e-mail marketing can still be effective in 2020. A monthly newsletter is also a great way to keep in regular contact with previous patients who might be considering further procedures.

Social Media Marketing

Ensuring your brand has profiles on all the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is crucial. You should post content regularly and monitor engagement so you know what works. It can be useful to experiment with different posting schedules.

For those short of time, digital marketing firms can manage all social media accounts for your plastic surgery business for a negotiated monthly fee.

PPC Ad Campaigns

Since there is a lot of competition in the plastic surgery niche, PPC ads can be very costly, and without proper campaign planning, it can be easy to blow through your entire marketing budget in a week. In general, working to improve your website’s ranking in organic search results for niche-specific keywords is a better use of funds. While results can be slower, over time SEO campaigns can really pay off.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies

When it comes to improving your website’s SERP positions for targeted keywords, it’s vital that you only use white hat SEO techniques. To begin with, you need to ensure your on-page SEO is on point. You can thing start to work on your website’s backlink profile. Building high-quality backlinks require a lot of high-quality content and outreach.

Above, we have discussed a few of the approaches you should look to incorporate into your plastic surgeon marketing campaign in 2020. Keep in mind that you always want to be at least one step ahead of your competition, so start researching what the coming months have in store for online marketing and advertising.