What Does A Tennis Elbow Doctor Do?

If you’re suffering from pain and soreness on the outer parts of your elbow, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from tennis elbow. However, a trip to the doctor can either confirm or deny this.

Tennis elbow occurs when the tendons that connect the forearm muscles to the elbow are damaged. Read on as we dive into what is a tennis elbow doctor.

When you overuse your arm, you can suffer from tennis elbow. This usually comes from a series of activities that result in the arm being twisted over and over. In essence, this causes excess tendon stress which tears the tendon resulting in pain.

While tennis elbow is more common in tennis players, gardeners, painters, or even using a screwdriver causes tennis elbow. Most times, this happens because persons used equipment the wrong way or they used the wrong size. When you visit your elbow doctor, they will properly diagnose your injury.

The doctor will examine the elbow and ask several questions that relate to daily activities or even past injuries. In this instance, your doctor will still suggest that you get an X-ray to rule out probable causes of pain.

If these symptoms don’t subside with treatment, imaging tests can also be done to give a better indication of tissue or bone problems.

If you’re suffering from tennis elbow, you can do the following at home:

  • Be sure to give your arm some extra rest. Unnecessary activity will worsen the pain.
  • When you’re suffering from pain, ice the area. However, hot baths can also work to relieve pain.
  • Over the counter pain, relievers can also be taken to reduce the pain. Topical creams can also be rubbed over the sore area for more relief.
  • If you need to move about, be sure to wear a counterforce brace.

After the pain eases, your doctor will suggest rehab to strengthen the tendon. Exercising at home will heal and prevent more injuries in the area. It should be noted that only after you feel better then you can return to your regular activities.

As we conclude, we have just looked at what a tennis elbow doctor does. Doctors will properly examine your injury and put you on the right course of treatment. They will even suggest ways to help the injury and they will schedule regular visits to see how your injury is progressing. During your injury phase, they will guide you until recovery.

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